Joondalup Computer Repair

Joondalup Computer repair available in the Joondalup area. Hardware and software problems resolved. If your computer is running slow or is problematic, give us a call. Our technician will come to you and diagnose the problem.

Competitive rates from a technician with 30 years of computer experience.

All work comes with a 12 month warranty.

Hardware Upgrades

Many computers can benefit from a hardware upgrade. Solid State Drives can make your slow system run as fast as a new computer.

Upgrading the computers memory can make is run faster. Sometimes just cleaning out all the dust can improve the performance.

Joondalup computer repair replace ram
software upgrades

Software Issues

Performance can be impaired if the software is not properly optimised.  Our technician can complete a performance check and recommend what action should be taken to make your computer work like a new machine.